The Box-er II

FULL-HD202220 minComedia - Suspense

Cuevana The Box-er II pelicula completa en español y latino - Christian Angel is back and he's not alone this time. In a last-ditch effort to restore his place in the crime syndicate, a crime boss enlists the help of a killer "boxer" known as The Devil to kill Christian Angel once and for all...for good...to end things...one last time…again
Titulo original: The Box-er II (2022)
Director: Aidan Beatty
Actores: Jesse Damico, Cortney Ross, Paul Chala, Therry Pedro, Michael Lomboy, Carlos Mena Saldivar, Mikey Brignall, Jeffrey Holford, Jamal Cedar, Calyn Ross, Samuel Fassil, Sierra Beatty, Aidan Beatty
Producción: Social Skeleton films
País: Canada

imdb rating 7


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